demonstrates A/B Testing.What Is A/B Testing?

AB Testing is a tool for increasing optins and sales, and a form of optimization.

The basic idea is to send half of your visitors to page A and half to page B and see which performs better. Then do it again as needed, or to your desire.

Further than that, A/B Testing involves changing the design and functionality of your website, addressing any psychological factors as well as basic usability factors.

Websites generally aim to get something back from their viewers in exchange for producing great content or services. This usually takes place in the form of email opt-ins, website subscriptions, or sales.

Why A/B Test?

Trying to promote a new product/service but not getting clicks to the sales page? It could be a design flaw and testing can identify stuff like that. A/B Testing can make you money.

It’s a matter of efficiency and economics – it’s cheaper to optimize your pages to make more conversions than it is to buy more traffic.

Let’s compare a few number figures:

If you spend 250$ on a/b testing services with us, you’ve got a nice chance of increasing in performance. Let’s say you increase your opt-in rate from 9% to 18%. If you made $1,000 a month down-the-line from your opt-ins before, you’re now making $2,000.

If you wanted to double your opt-ins by sheer volume of traffic you’d have to spend way more than $150.

The A/B Method

The A/B Testing process follows the Scientific Method!

  1. Identify pages (or emails) that aren’t performing well
  2. Decide what element you’ll focus on improving
  3. Choose an aspect of the element to change
  4. Create variations of your page/email you think will perform better
  5. Test – let traffic come in or send traffic
  6. Stick with the variation that has the highest conversion rate

What We Do

We educate website owners on the usefulness of AB testing and various applications of it as well as techniques and tools of the trade. Your visitors benefit from a more user-friendly orientation in design.

We offer A/B Testing services and A/B consultations, though we’re more than happy just showing you how to do it.

Our team is compromised of 5 dedicated A/B Experts who have collectively helped over 700 website-owners optimize their user experience and collectively have raised conversions for clients by 12,370%.